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The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel

Released: October 17, 1951
Drama, Biography, War

The Sea Shall Not Have Them

Released: February 21, 1955
Drama, War

While at War

Released: September 27, 2019
Drama, History, War

South Pacific

Released: March 19, 1958
Musical, Romance, War

Reach for the Sky

Released: July 10, 1956
Drama, War, Biography

Richard III

Released: March 11, 1956
Drama, History, Biography, War

The Big Noise

Released: February 19, 1945
Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, War

Great Guns

Released: October 10, 1941
Comedy, Romance, War

What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

Released: August 31, 1966
Comedy, War

The Cockleshell Heroes

Released: November 16, 1955
Action, Drama, War

36 Hours

Released: January 28, 1965
Thriller, War

Above and Beyond

Released: January 2, 1953
Action, Drama, Biography, War

At War with the Army

Released: January 17, 1951
Comedy, War, Musical

13 Rue Madeleine

Released: January 15, 1947
Action, Drama, Thriller, War, Adventure

Julius Caesar

Released: May 28, 1970
Drama, History, War

Hell Boats

Released: March 20, 1970
Drama, War

Hornets' Nest

Released: September 09, 1970
Action, Drama, War

The Only Way

Released: October 20, 1970
Drama, War

Stand by for Action

Released: February 14, 1944
Action, Drama, War

Margaret Cho: Assassin

Released: September 2, 2005
Documentary, Comedy, War


Released: April 19, 1984
Documentary, Drama, History, War


Released: November 24, 2012
Comedy, Drama, War

Hal King

Drama, War, Musical

Man Behind the Sun

Released: December 1, 1988
Drama, Horror, History, War

Battle Zone

Released: October 26, 1952

Salute to the Marines

Released: September 01, 1943
Comedy, Drama, War

Pippin His Life and Times

Released: January 01, 1981
History, Musical, Romance, War

The Real Glory

Released: September 29, 1939
History, War


Released: March 25, 1959
Drama, Thriller, War

Bonaparte: The Egyptian Campaign

Released: January 1, 2016
Documentary, History, Biography, War