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The Outsider

Released: January 18, 1962
Drama, Biography, War

Come On, Marines!

Released: March 23, 1934
Drama, War

Wing and a Prayer

Released: January 11, 1945
Action, Drama, War


Released: April 10, 2014
Documentary, War

Zombie Brigade

Released: January 1, 1988
Drama, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, War, Sci-Fi

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Released: January 10, 2016
Drama, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Short, War, Sci-Fi

Liebes Lager

Released: December 24, 1976
Drama, Thriller, War

Fires on the Plain

Released: July 25, 2015
Drama, War


Released: June 26, 1959
Drama, War

Hour of Glory

Released: February 21, 1949
Drama, Romance, Thriller, War


Released: September 24, 2015
Documentary, Action, Romance, Biography, War

This is Congo

Released: May 25, 2018
Documentary, History, War

The Diary of Anne Frank

Released: August 30, 1995
Animation, Biography, Drama, Japanese, War

Anne Frank's Diary

Released: February 23, 2000
Animation, Drama, Biography, War

Situation Hopeless -- But Not Serious

Released: January 14, 1966
Comedy, War

Witness in the War Zone

Released: July 02, 1987
Action, Drama, War

Active Stealth

Released: July 11, 1999
Action, Adventure, Crime, War

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

Released: January 05, 1944
Comedy, Romance, War

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Released: March 13, 1957
Adventure, Drama, War

The Big Parade

Released: November 6, 1926
Drama, Romance, War


Released: September 13, 1991
Drama, Romance, War


Released: September 27, 2002
Drama, History, War


Released: July 18, 1931
Drama, Romance, War

Disputed Passage

Released: October 27, 1939
Drama, War

Something of Value

Released: May 8, 1957
Drama, War

The Soviet Story

Released: May 05, 2008
Documentary, War, History

The Last Warrior

Released: September 8, 1989
Action, Drama, War

The Stick

Released: June 15, 1989
Action, Horror, War

A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia

Released: April 18, 1992
Adventure, Drama, Biography, War

Hail the Conquering Hero

Released: August 09, 1944
Comedy, War