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Released: August 26, 2018
Drama, War, Musical

Forced March

Released: September 15, 1989
Drama, History, War

Ghost of the China Sea

Released: October 19, 1958
Drama, War

Force of Arms

Released: August 13, 1951
Drama, Romance, War

In Love and War

Released: February 09, 1959
Drama, War

The Hunley

Released: July 11, 1999
Action, Drama, War, History

Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Released: September 29, 1991
Action, Drama, History, War


Released: March 28, 1999
Drama, War

The White Rose

Released: September 24, 1982
Drama, Thriller, Crime, History, Biography, War

The War Below

Drama, History, War

The Fighting Sullivans

Released: February 3, 1944
Drama, History, Biography, War

Strange Confession

Released: February 10, 1944
Drama, War

Warrior Queen

Released: September 28, 2003
Action, Drama, History, War

The Hasty Heart

Released: December 2, 1949
Drama, War

Kazakh Khanate: Diamond Sword

Released: January 5, 2017
Action, Drama, History, War

The Bells Go Down

Released: May 17, 1943
Drama, War

Chimes at Midnight

Released: December 22, 1965
Comedy, Drama, War

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Released: May 25, 1966
Comedy, War

Paris After Dark

Released: October 15, 1943
Drama, War

Remember the Day

Released: December 25, 1941
Drama, Romance, War

The Fall of Berlin

Released: June 17, 1945
Documentary, History, War

The Sinking of the 'Lusitania'

Released: July 20, 1918
Animation, Short, War

The Long Way Home

Released: September 19, 1997
Documentary, History, War


Released: August 9, 1956
Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, War

A Tale of Two Cities

Released: February 7, 1958
Drama, Romance, History, War


Released: July 28, 1947
Drama, War

Happy Land

Released: November 10, 1943
Drama, Romance, War

Dangerously They Live

Released: December 24, 1941
Drama, Romance, Thriller, War

None Shall Escape

Released: February 3, 1944
Drama, War

Tales of the Riverbank

Released: September 25, 2008
Drama, Animation, War, Family