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You May Kiss the Bridesmaid (TV Movie)

Released: May 5, 2021
Romance, Comedy

Man of Evil

Released: March 12, 1945
Drama, Romance

Life Anubavinchu Raja

Released: October 9, 2007
Romance, Adult

Once Upon a Texas Train

Released: January 3, 1988
Action, Romance, Comedy, Western

Nothing But the Truth

Released: October 10, 1941
Action, Romance, Comedy

Mambo Girl

Released: March 6, 1957
Drama, Romance


Released: November 3, 1989
Drama, Romance

Cinderella and the Prince Charles: An Animated Classic

Released: January 1, 2014
Animation, Adventure, Drama, Romance

The Scandalous Four

Released: June 15, 2015
Drama, Romance, History

Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

Released: September 24, 2020
Drama, Romance

The Breakup Artist

Released: October 23, 2004
Romance, Comedy

Murphy's Romance

Released: January 31, 1986
Drama, Romance, Comedy

Max and Helen

Released: January 08, 1990
Drama, Romance, War

The Bronze Buckaroo

Released: January 01, 1939
Action, Adventure, Music, Mystery, Romance, Western

Remembrance of Love

Released: December 06, 1982
Drama, Romance

My First Love

Released: December 4, 1988
Drama, Romance

Angel Baby

Released: February 02, 1996
Drama, Romance

Leave Yesterday Behind

Released: May 14, 1978
Drama, Romance

Summer of My German Soldier

Released: October 30, 1978
Drama, Romance

The House That Never Dies

Released: July 18, 2014
Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Mystery

Getting Married

Released: May 17, 1978
Romance, Comedy

The Pirate Movie

Released: August 06, 1982
Adventure, Comedy, Musical, Romance


Released: October 13, 2018
Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

I Met My Love Again

Released: January 14, 1938

The Shining Hour

Released: November 18, 1938
Drama, Romance

The Great Ziegfeld

Released: March 22, 1936
Biography, Drama, Musical, Romance

A Novel Romance

Released: November 11, 2011
Comedy, Drama, Romance

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Released: February 4, 1982
Drama, Romance

What Happened Was...

Released: September 9, 1994
Drama, Romance, Thriller, Comedy


Released: January 1, 1973
Drama, Romance, Thriller, Crime