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The Whispering Shadow

Released: April 18, 1933
Action, Thriller, Crime, Horror, Mystery

The Midnight Lady

Released: May 15, 1932
Drama, Crime, Mystery

Wicked Love: The Maria Korp Story

Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

The Bronze Buckaroo

Released: January 01, 1939
Action, Adventure, Music, Mystery, Romance, Western

The House That Never Dies

Released: July 18, 2014
Drama, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Mystery

The Rogues' Tavern

Released: June 4, 1936

Jack the Ripper

Released: April 26, 1960
Thriller, Crime, Horror, Mystery

The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

Released: December 23, 2002
Action, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

See No Evil

Released: September 2, 1971
Thriller, Mystery


Released: January 1, 2009
Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Musical

The Uninvited

Released: October 29, 1996
Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Released: April 14, 2019
Animation, Adventure, Mystery, Short, Sci-Fi

Return to Horror High

Released: January 28, 1987
Comedy, Romance, Horror, Mystery

Tender Loving Care

Released: May 16, 1996
Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Chasing Sleep

Released: May 16, 2001
Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Paradise Murdered

Released: April 12, 2007
Thriller, Mystery

The Legacy Of Dr. Death: Black File

Released: November 13, 2020
Thriller, Mystery


Released: December 01, 2009
Drama, Thriller, Mystery

The Haunting of Julia

Released: February 9, 1978
Drama, Horror, Mystery

Dupa-amiaza in stil Gaudi

Released: July 20, 2001
Drama, Comedy, Mystery

Ping Pong

Released: November 01, 1990
Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Three Pints and a Rabbi

Mystery, Fantasy

Hard Labor

Released: September 30, 2011
Drama, Horror, Mystery

Game of Swords

Released: June 8, 2006
Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery

I Know What I Saw

Released: August 30, 2008
Crime, Mystery, Thriller

One Shoe Makes It Murder

Released: November 6, 1982
Thriller, Mystery

Close Your Eyes

Released: August 16, 2002
Thriller, Crime, Horror, Mystery

Isle of the Snake People

Released: July 16, 1991
Horror, Mystery


Released: January 19, 2006
Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The Hike

Released: March 1, 2021
Action, Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Mystery