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Taylor Swift: Bad Blood

Released: May 17, 2015
Thriller, Music, Fantasy, Short, Sci-Fi

The Sky's the Limit

Released: July 13, 1943
Romance, Comedy, War, Musical

Bröderna Mozart

Released: February 21, 1986
Drama, Comedy, Music

Things We Did Last Summer

Released: October 28, 1978
Comedy, Music

Pin Up Girl

Released: April 25, 1944
Comedy, Musical, Romance

Return to Treasure Island

Released: March 24, 1989
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Musical

In Old Chicago

Released: April 15, 1938
Action, Drama, Musical, Romance

Give Me Future

Released: January 21, 2017
Documentary, Music

Stolen Tangos

Released: April 19, 2002
Comedy, Musical

Bangles Greatest Hits

Released: May 8, 1990
Music, Short

Confessions of an Action Star

Released: January 20, 2009
Action, Comedy, Musical

Younger and Younger

Released: December 09, 1993
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Music, Romance

Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl

Released: September 16, 1950
Animation, Comedy, Music, Family, Short

Sven Klang's Combo

Released: September 22, 1976
Drama, Music

Rainbow Dance

Released: March 9, 2002
Animation, Short, Musical

PNYC: Portishead - Roseland New York

Released: April 2, 1998
Documentary, Music

We Will Riot

Released: September 25, 2013
Drama, Music

Little Miss Broadway

Released: July 22, 1938
Drama, Musical


Released: December 25, 1936
Musical, Family, Adventure

Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Released: June 02, 1961
Comedy, Music, Romance

Thru the Mirror

Released: May 30, 1936
Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Short, Musical

El Towk Wa El Eswera

Released: June 7, 1986
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Music


Released: April 13, 1967
Drama, Music, History

Having a Wild Weekend

Released: July 15, 1965
Comedy, Music

The Boy from Medellín

Released: May 7, 2021
Documentary, Music, Biography

Amandla A Revolution in Four Part Harmony

Released: November 06, 2003
Documentary, History, Music

Jingleball Rock


Will Your Heart Beat Faster?

Released: August 8, 1980
Comedy, Musical

Rocktober Blood

Released: Unknown
Horror, Music

Melody Time

Released: May 27, 1948
Animation, Family, Music