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The War Below

Drama, History, War

The Fighting Sullivans

Released: February 3, 1944
Drama, History, Biography, War

Warrior Queen

Released: September 28, 2003
Action, Drama, History, War

Kazakh Khanate: Diamond Sword

Released: January 5, 2017
Action, Drama, History, War

Kingdom of Swords

Released: November 22, 2018
Action, Adventure, History

Mechanical Monsters

Released: August 08, 2018
Documentary, History

The Incredible Sarah

Released: December 15, 1978
Drama, History, Biography

The Fall of Berlin

Released: June 17, 1945
Documentary, History, War

Echoes That Remain

Released: April 22, 2009
Documentary, History

Lillian Russell

Released: May 24, 1940
Drama, Music, History, Biography

The Long Way Home

Released: September 19, 1997
Documentary, History, War

A Tale of Two Cities

Released: February 7, 1958
Drama, Romance, History, War


Released: February 01, 2010
Short, Drama, History

Jonestown: Paradise Lost

Released: January 15, 2007
Documentary, History

Assume the Position with Mr. Wuhl

Released: April 1, 2006
Documentary, Comedy, History

Catching the Sun

Released: April 1, 2016
Documentary, Drama, History, News

The Chronicles of Melanie

Released: November 01, 2016
Biography, Drama, History

The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

Released: September 27, 1939
Biography, Drama, History, Romance

Golden Door

Released: September 22, 2006
Drama, Romance, History

Beyond the Gates

Released: March 31, 2006
Drama, History, War

Red Dog

Released: February 23, 2017
Action, Drama, History, War

Remember Pearl Harbor

Released: December 01, 2016
Documentary, History, War

The Patriot Game

Released: January 1, 1979
Documentary, History

Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something

Released: October 16, 2020
Documentary, Music, History, Biography

Newfoundland at Armageddon

Released: June 30, 2016

The Mayo Clinic, Faith, Hope and Science

Released: September 25, 2018
Documentary, History

Art Bastard

Released: April 25, 2016
Documentary, Biography, Comedy, History

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Spring Break Adventure

Released: December 31, 1999
Action, Adventure, History, War

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Winds of Change

Released: September 20, 2000
Adventure, History