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The Midas Touch

Released: December 30, 1997
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Search for the Jewel of Polaris: Mysterious Museum

Released: December 21, 1999
Fantasy, Family

Mystery Monsters

Released: July 29, 1997
Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Train Quest

Released: April 1, 2001
Adventure, Fantasy, Family

Excalibur Kid

Released: March 23, 1999
Adventure, Fantasy

The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes

Released: October 25, 2005
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Sci-Fi

Josh Kirby: Time Warrior! Chap. 5: Journey to the Magic Cavern

Released: April 16, 1996
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Sci-Fi

Younger and Younger

Released: December 09, 1993
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Music, Romance

Meerkat Maantuig

Released: March 16, 2018
Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

22 vs. Earth

Released: April 30, 2021
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Short

The Little Unicorn

Released: August 21, 2001
Adventure, Fantasy, Family

Baelin's Route: An Epic NPC Man Adventure

Released: Unknown
Comedy, Fantasy, Short

The Water Man

Released: May 7, 2021
Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Family

Seduced by Evil

Released: August 25, 1994
Thriller, Horror, Fantasy

Thru the Mirror

Released: May 30, 1936
Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Short, Musical

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Released: January 18, 1964
Animation, Comedy, War, Family, Fantasy

Goat Witch

Released: July 26, 2014
Short, Fantasy, Horror

Lend a Paw

Released: October 3, 1941
Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Short

Beyond Dream's Door

Released: April 20, 1990
Drama, Horror, Fantasy

Future Boyfriend

Released: April 16, 2016
Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi


Released: October 27, 2005
Fantasy, Horror

Jim Button and the Wild 13

Released: October 1, 2020
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family

Fei tou mo nu

Released: January 1, 1982
Horror, Fantasy

Warrior Women

Released: November 11, 1985
Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Francis in the Haunted House

Released: July 20, 1956
Comedy, Fantasy, Horror


Released: July 4, 1987
Animation, Fantasy, Family

Horton Hears a Who!

Released: March 19, 1970
Animation, Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Musical

To Tokyo

Released: August 31, 2020
Drama, Horror, Fantasy

Francis Goes to West Point

Released: November 29, 1952
Comedy, Fantasy


Released: February 01, 1950
Comedy, War, Fantasy, Family, Drama