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Joan of Arc

Released: November 11, 1948
Biography, Drama, History, War

Auto Focus

Released: September 08, 2002
Drama, Crime, Biography


Released: August 09, 1996
Drama, Biography

Life with the Lyons

Released: May 25, 1954
Action, Comedy, Documentary, Biography


Released: September 02, 1998
Drama, War, Biography

Fratello sole sorella luna

Released: March 03, 1972
Drama, War, History, Biography

Victoria & Albert

Released: August 26, 2001
Drama, Romance, Biography

My Architect

Released: April 13, 2003
Documentary, Biography

Lust for Life

Released: September 17, 1956
Drama, Biography

The Real Bruce Lee

Released: April 29, 2007
Action, Documentary, Biography

The God Who Wasn't There

Released: May 21, 2005
Documentary, History, Biography

The Ron Clark Story

Released: January 22, 2006
Drama, Biography


Released: August 31, 2006
Drama, Crime, Biography


Released: May 18, 2004
Drama, Biography

Egymásra nezve

Released: September 25, 1982
Drama, History, Biography

Surviving Picasso

Released: September 04, 1996
Drama, Romance, Biography

Jeder für sich und Gott gegen alle

Released: November 01, 1974
Drama, History, Biography

Alferd Packer The Musical

Released: September 10, 1998
Comedy, Horror, Musical, Western, Biography

American Masters Les Paul Chasing Sound

Released: July 11, 2007
Documentary, Romance, History, Music, Biography

Love Is the Devil Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon

Released: September 16, 1998
Drama, Biography

Harmony Lane

Released: October 23, 1935
Romance, Musical, War, Biography

The Fabulous Dorseys

Released: February 21, 1947
Romance, Music, Biography


Released: November 06, 1936
Drama, Biography

The Great Dan Patch

Released: November 08, 1949
Drama, Romance, Adventure, Sport, Biography


Released: September 04, 2004
Drama, Biography

Birdman of Alcatraz

Released: July 03, 1962
Drama, Biography

The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

Released: October 15, 1958
Documentary, History, Biography


Released: December 29, 1995
Drama, Romance, History, Biography

Fellini: Je suis un grand menteur

Released: March 15, 2002
Documentary, Biography

Huo Yuan Jia AKA FearLess

Released: January 26, 2006
Action, History, Sport, Biography