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Released: June 4, 2021
Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, History

Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street

Released: April 23, 2021
Documentary, Family, History

Roe v. Wade

Released: April 2, 2021
Drama, History

First Signal

Released: March 26, 2021
Drama, History, Sci-Fi


Released: March 23, 2021
Drama, Thriller, History

Kid 90

Released: March 12, 2021
Documentary, Family, History, Biography

Quo vadis, Aida?

Released: February 26, 2021
Drama, History, War

Judas and the Black Messiah

Released: February 12, 2021
Biography, Drama, History


Released: February 10, 2021
Drama, History, Biography

The Reckoning

Released: February 5, 2021
Horror, History

Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission

Released: February 2, 2021
History, War

The Dig

Released: January 29, 2021
Biography, Drama, History

Dachau Liberation

Released: January 25, 2021
Documentary, History, War

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy

Released: January 11, 2021
Documentary, Crime, History

Princess Alice: The Royals' Greatest Secret

Released: December 12, 2020
Documentary, History, Biography, War

The Furnace

Released: December 10, 2020
Adventure, Drama, Thriller, History, Western

Fate/Grand Order the Sacred Round Table Realm: Camelot

Released: December 5, 2020
Animation, Action, Drama, History

God of War: Zhao Zilong

Released: November 29, 2020
Action, History, War

Dance of the 41

Released: November 19, 2020
Drama, History, Biography

The Burning of Atlanta

Released: November 17, 2020
Action, History

Blue Code of Silence

Released: November 16, 2020
Documentary, Drama, Crime, History, Biography

Dear Comrades

Released: November 12, 2020
Drama, History

The Lonely Prince

Released: November 12, 2020
Drama, History, Short

Club Frontera

Released: November 03, 2020
Documentary, History, Sport


Released: October 28, 2020
Drama, History

De Gaulle

Released: October 23, 2020
Biography, Drama, History

Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something

Released: October 16, 2020
Documentary, Music, History, Biography

The Trial of the Chicago 7

Released: October 16, 2020
Drama, History, Thriller

Young Ip Man: Crisis Time

Released: October 08, 2020
Action, History